Our workshops consist of a mix of creative writing, drama therapy, trust-building techniques, music, and spoken word practice. Our workshops ultimately lead to a collectively devised spoken word performance. We believe that every story in our communities is a valuable one and every queer body has amazing potential for creativity therefore we address our workshops to everyone identified as LGBTQIA+. This is regardless of age, background, and stage experience. In a safe and friendly environment, we encourage you to ask questions and talk about shared experiences and skills. Let us build resilience through performance art in order to develop and nurture a more inclusive queer community and creative practice!


The Queerdos ACTing Up is an intense seven-day workshop devised as a free of charge socio-cultural action for its participants.This workshop is international and focuses on regions of Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. It is open to all queer-, inter-/trans-, and gender-nonconforming identified people interested in engaging with strategies of artivism through performing arts and theatre/poetry and music.


A one-day workshop format addressed to professional performers wanting to deepen their knowledge of the biology of emotions and physicality. It is also a try-out session for networking. The workshop has been taking place in Salzburg, Austria four times in partnership with the Mozarteum University and the Österreichische Hochschüler_innenschaft Salzburg and in Berlin, at the Wohnzimmer Theater.

QUEERing the house down!

A four days performance workshop+presentation focusing mainly on transgender and gender non-conforming performers which use the art of drag queening/kinging as a tool for self-expression.

Previous editions: 2021 - Queering the house down Pristina, Kosovo: Balkanroom Edition!