theatre/performance-based collective focusing on initiating and encouraging discourses and dialogue in the framework of LGBTQIA+ Human Rights, community building and empowerment


Diversity: representing the entire spectrum of LGBTQIA+

Inclusion: generate spaces for queer voices to be heard

Awareness: educate about queerness

Equality: answering to oppressive circumstances

Support: develop a networking strategy for LGBTQIA+ artists

Empowerment: provide tools for self-esteem/expression

Research: evolve through new ways of expression

Transformation: engage in critical thinking through theatre and performance


©Roni Lugassi

©Roni Lugassi


We are a Berlin based team of professional artists working as performers, theatre directors, music composers, playwrights, poets, musicians, and stage technicians. We engage and sustain theatrical work with an emphasis on the creative process as a community outreach tool.We create with and for our community but we also travel and connect with other queer communities in Europe. Our ensemble’s diversity of skills, gender identity, and life experience informs and enriches our creative work. We are queer, feminists and migrants. We range in age from 18-60. We are united in our commitment to the creation of work that helps change our surroundings for the better