*open to young queers between 16 and 25 years old

Theater educator, dramaturg, performer

Jonas Baur

Theater pedagogue, performing arts in context researcher

Cat Jugravu

Workshop facilitator, director/performer

For an afternoon of getting to know and experimenting, we come together as a queer community on stage - together we create a safe space of exchange where we explore, share and celebrate our queer identities with each other. The workshop creates an environment where participants can inspire each other, showcase their queer identities and have diverse voices heard and valued. As a starting point for a process of artistic expression, we look inwards and explore ways of looking at and enacting individual narratives in their social context. By confronting inner critical voices and patterns of social devaluation, we overcome hurdles on the way to emotional well-being and self-love and develop tools to connect and express emotion and imagination with text, movement and performance art.

What can you expect?

Exchange with other local queer people

safer space and playground for queer expressions

getting to know different methods: writing workshop, body journey, scene development etc.

small performance within the group

For whom?

Youngsters between 16 and 25

Experience, background, gender doesn't matter

everyone who identifies as queer in some way


no previous knowledge necessary

Workshop in German and English

Acting on stage always voluntary and self-determined


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