The Queerdos ACTing Up is an intense seven-day workshop devised as a free of charge socio-cultural action for its participants. It is open to all queer-, inter-/trans-, and gender-nonconforming identified people interested in engaging with strategies of artivism through performing arts and theatre/poetry and music, based on the workshop's location

The action is facilitated by the five to six members of our ensemble, each of them experienced professionals in their artistic field. The immersive seven-day workshop includes critical discussions on LGBTQ+ resilience strategies in daily life and art, researching the archives of the body and practical performance making elements. An array of creative writing tools, theatre games and trust-building exercises will encourage participants to begin to tackle personal stories. The process will allow participants to get to know each other and better know themselves. To explore and express their hopes and fears through physical theatre and creative writing practice and to perform on stage in a devised spoken word performance piece presented to the public at the end of the workshop week. This final step is an essential part of the process, encouraging the performers to open up and share their work with a larger audience, thus beginning the collective healing phase.


Cat Jugravu - director, workshop leader

Bodywork and Performance

We will be experimenting with what is possible and unlocking the potential of what a body can be. You are invited to experience a shifted perspective on nature as a co-creator (partner) and act towards embodied uncertainty, vulnerability, and openness as a resource for creating queer performance.

Trace Polly Müller – dramaturg, queer theory

Queer Spirits

Let us unleash the archive of queer spirits that have disappeared. How do we find and/or mark these queer silences that have been erased over history? How can we as queers story-tell, fabulate, perform through and with nature? We will work with our own personal and/or imaginary archive, with the nature surrounding us and performance exercises, listening, sound/music, and self-filming.

Jenny Browne - poet, performer

Writing and Transformation

What stories do you want to tell, and how are they uniquely queer? How do we write them down on paper and turn them into performance? These writing sessions will help us to open up and share our stories, histories and experiences. We will explore approaches to creative writing and apply the theme of queer ecologies, learning how to use spoken word as a powerful form of expression.

Tom Schwartz - sound designer/tech support

Sound Sessions

Through the sessions, we will practice ways of listening to sounds and spaces, with exercises on finding musical elements that can work as part of a performance. We will talk about essential technical tools when performing on stage and experiment with group performance.

Luqua Bertin – set designer

Setting the stage

We will be observing creativity through nature, finding a message/an idea/a philosophy and learning how to deliver it with materials, effects, and colours. We will open up to the different senses and how they can be translated plastically, developing your creativity through diversion of objects and learning how to be creative with the environment you are in.

Simona Klaniute- workshop coordinator/manager

Andrei Raicu - sound designer

previous editions

Queerdos ACTing Up Summer Camp in Moldova was a collaboration project with the NGO MOLDOX and the film festival Queer Voices in summer 2021 . The 7-day intense workshop took place in a secluded rural area of Moldova, namely in the Eco-Village Râscova in August, resulting in a grand performance by the 9 participants that came from various parts of Moldova.(in)vizibil (ne)natural queer was then premiered during the Queer Voices film festival in Chișinău. The workshop was kindly supported by the Embassy Office of the Netherlands in Chișinău.

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