@ Kultur.Tanken Festival

Remember the state of it all before the state ate it all?

We have no spaces left to dance

Spaces sitting empty, left to dance alone in darkness

For one day only the disused gas station on Sonnenallee was transformed. It’s one of the countless spaces that have lost their role and purpose and cry out for repurposing.

Demolition, transference, takeover, transformation. How can a space be transformed? How can disused places find new life? Can our queer bodies rise up out of the debris and take flight?

Everything is made to measure. Buildings go up in a week. Everything feels fleeting and transient. Our queer bodies and spaces and nightlife are under constant threat. How safe do we really feel here? How is gentrification affecting our own transformation?


Jenny Browne

Salome Kiessling

Cat Jugravu


Cat Jugravu


Jenny Browne


Andrei Raicu


Simona Klaniute

*a Queerdos 2022 production, inspired and supported by KULTUR.TANKEN Festival

Open Air event at the abandoned gas station Hermannplatz/Sonnenallee. FREE ENTRY